My unheard cries,with hope they rise 

from the floor of the canyons, 

through the forest,into the distance. 

From here where I lay 

With a rock on my left side 

and to my right…


Thicker Than Water

Being diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating disease is truly a version of Hell. The term “being diagnosed” sounds so neat and sterile. There's so much more to it. There's sometimes a few years of worsening symptoms, which are painful…

Dream: Smoke on the Water, Fire from the Sky

Smoke on the Water (Fire from the sky) 

Darren Camp 2018

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Recently I had a discussion with someone about the dream I blogged about titled “AM Radio”. I said…

Full Circle

Full Circle 

Darren Camp 11/14/2018 

I woke a couple minutes before 1:48 a.m. on 1/27/2018 from one of “those” dreams. One that feels amazing and haunting and profound. Unusually, I was able to recall more of it than…

We need to talk...

I've begun speaking out more on certain things. It may on the surface appear political, but it is way deeper than politics.


Undoubtedly, one thing that all Americans can most likely agree on is that we are currently…


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Musicians

Here's my story of some of the things I've had to battle through the last few years. Although I jokingly referred to it elsewhere as a "sob story", that's now how I mean it to be.

You see, my…


No more pretending

What in the world, right?

Here it is: I need your help and I hate asking for it.

Bearing that in mind, I'm also trying to constantly improve myself. I always thought being super-stubborn and rejecting help was…


A Soldier's Advice

A Soldier's advice 

by Darren Camp 

I have witnessed death more times than I can count. I have stood face to face with death. I have had bloody fist-fights with it; the no-holds-barred kind where anything goes. After…

Lookin for perks in all the wrong places

 Darren Camp, March 2017 

The summer of 1986, I volunteered to help the local Civitans put on the annual Dixie Cup Regatta boat race. 

Already the second biggest guy on the high school football team at 250lbs, I…