Yellow Flowers 

Yellow Flowers 
Darren Camp Music 2015


One day last spring, Dropping kids off at school 

By the side of the road, There they stood 

Yellow flowers, bursting in bloom, 

They reminded me of the spring, We spent in your room, 

Hiding from the world, getting high to Dave Matthews, 

You were an open book, and I was two. 

Looking out your window, through the trees in the meadow, 

Full of life and power, I can still smell, 

Those yellow flowers; Yellow flowers 

So long ago, I'll never forget, how everything felt so right- I've got no regrets 

So many things, were left unsaid; sometimes it's best to let go, 

and keep the memories instead. 

We burned so hot, like gasoline 

running hot, running lean, 

and then one day, 

it all disappeared. 

I'll always smile, when I think back, 

About the love that was ours 

and those yellow flowers 

Those yellow flowers. 


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