Fool's Legacy 

Fool's Legacy 

Darren Camp Music 2016 


I've lived my life as a pauper 

on the dimes and the quarters 

that make their way down to me 

I'd be lying if I said 

my life's been easy 

on the cold hard ground 

my seed was sewn 

where nothing but saw briars grow 

When I draw my last breath 

don't bother crying 

I've been stubborn as hell 

brought my troubles on myself 

No, I can't blame anyone else 

that there's no tribute to me 

nobody salutes a fool's legacy 

Strike your match and hold to my body 

watch this flesh and these bones 

be consumed by the flames 

and when only the ashes 

and carbon remain 

send me down the river on slow gentle waves 

For the first time in my life 

I'll travel past the bend 

I've dreamed of going since I was a kid 

I'll just float with the current 

no burdens on me 

freedom, thank God 

I found finally 


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