We need to talk...

I've begun speaking out more on certain things. It may on the surface appear political, but it is way deeper than politics.


Undoubtedly, one thing that all Americans can most likely agree on is that we are currently in a time like no other in history. There is a feeling of concern and urgency regarding the state of the Union. No matter what political party you find yourself aligned with, I would be extremely surprised if you did not sense the tension in our great republic. I firmly believe that it is important we acknowledge areas in which we are like-minded. After all, we are all Americans. 

We are bound by the good fortune to be citizens of the greatest and most powerful country in the world. This is no small thing. Depending on your religious and/or moral beliefs, this should be seen as a blessing, or good luck. Even for the most cynical among us, it can be boiled down to a simple “plus”, right? 

Some may speculate that where we veer onto different beliefs,is the “how” the aforementioned tension and discord can be resolved. This may or may not be entirely true. However, I propose that if we break things down to the fundamental beliefs, we are closer than we realize. If this has any truth to it, then what is the source of the obvious strife and contention in America? 

To truly accomplish making our country the best we can possibly be, we need to move beyond our anger towards one another and to the point where we can work together at the very least. Could there be anyone that can offer a way for us to have actual progress while simultaneously screaming insults and obstinately refusing opposing views? As far as I know, the only direction that would lead is closer and closer to physical altercation as ultimate resolution. 

Most would agree that violence is incontestably the less civilized and cerebral choice. Using wisdom and intelligence expressed through respectful dialogue will advance us further more positively in a shorter span of time. We can achieve an equilibrium where this life can be enjoyed to a fuller degree. I don't know about you, but I would much rather exist in a world of happy people than what we have today. 

There is nothing weak in wanting peace; in working towards peace. Don't fall victim to shaming from the ones of your “side”. The types who would shame another for disagreeing should not be leaders of the pack. Real leaders are confident in their beliefs and would rather have an alliance with people who have arrived at agreeing ideals by choice. True leaders do not fear facts. 

We have reached a point where we are past being able to pursue the course of resolution which is more positive and beneficial. We must choose if we will speak up or follow along. Like it or not, the time to decide is now. After all, the more we delay the more harm we do to our own country; to or own team. 

Let us choose wisely.

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