No more pretending

What in the world, right?

Here it is: I need your help and I hate asking for it.

Bearing that in mind, I'm also trying to constantly improve myself. I always thought being super-stubborn and rejecting help was admirable and strong. But, I've come to realize that it really just shuts people out. I enjoy helping other people (who truly appreciate it), so I'm sure other people do too!

Here's the sob story, "Best Laid Plans of Mice and Musicians" if you want to hear what's up


7 Quick and painless ways to help:

  • Please sign up for my new email newsletter! There's some very intimate things I'd like to share with you but I don't want to do it on social media. This is way more important than you may realize! Thank you so much!
  • I need some money but not a handout!  If you know someone who might be into my music, please tell them about it and ask them to download something (Here's the link straight to my music download page, please share it! 
  • I need gigs I suck at booking. Anyone interested in booking a few gigs for me (or even one), I'll gladly share a percentage or give you free stuff :-)
  • Reviews and opinions I really need some honest reviews, opinions, and critiques to add to my website and my promo package. Just a few quick lines are great! If you don't want your name published, I'll honor that of course!
  • Help spread the word Tell someone who likes music, buy a few CDs to give as gifts and I'll cut you a deal. Bring some friends to see one of my new shows. It is guaranteed to be different than before!
  • BLOG BLOG BLOG Do you blog? Even better, do you write about music you like? I would be honored if you like my music well enough to give it a listen and do a write up on it! I'll help with resources, pictures, music to listen to, whatever. Reach out! If you know someone who writes about music, please tell them about me!
  • Buy a T-shirt Soon I'll have some very cool shirts for sale. Please help a brother out and buy one. Honestly, if I had unlimited money, I'd give one to everybody, but I'm on a poverty diet and struggling to pay for peanut butter over here!
  • Host a home concert Okay sure, this one isn't for everyone. Imagine this: You invite some cool friends to an intimate and personal get-together that only lasts a couple hours. Suggest $10 donation per person (most people will donate that or more) We split those donations;  it covers the cost of snacks and drinks. If someone doesn't donate, it's fine. Feed 'em anyway :-)  I'll put on a show for you and your friends right there in the living room, or in the back yard. At the end of the night, you've had a private concert, had some nice friends over and haven't lost any money. To top it off, you've helped a starving artist. What's more honorable than that?

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