Full Circle

Full Circle 

Darren Camp 11/14/2018 

I woke a couple minutes before 1:48 a.m. on 1/27/2018 from one of “those” dreams. One that feels amazing and haunting and profound. Unusually, I was able to recall more of it than I normally remember a dream. I thought, “this would make a great book,or screen play”, so I got up, lit a cigarette and jotted down the dream as accurately as I could recall. 

Over the next few days, it played over and over in my mind and stubbornly persisted,but I was stuck. I couldn't think of any next step to write, so after making a crude storyboard, I set it aside as I do with song lyrics. I revisit them from time to time or pull from those to create something else. 

I began researching different “conspiracy theories” hoping I'd be inspired enough to write more. I thought, I must have got the NASA and space threat angle in my thoughts and it wasn't in the actual dream. Perhaps there were other options to explore to help the story be more believable and realistic, as my dream had been. 

One after the other theory I critically read through my skepticism. There were things I had always suspected weren't right about 9-11, from seeing the very first tower implode. I began studying it more in-depth, as well as some others. But, digging deeper led me to something: Qanon. 

It felt different, it could not be quickly brushed off or dis-proven. I began sinking my teeth in, looking for what was really going on; where it could be originating; possible motives, etc. The more I chased facts,the more I was sure that Qanon was indeed who they indicated they were. 

Eventually, I went back to read the first post and “played along” following the trails. A few months went by as I continued my research into this, still,becoming ever more clear this was the real deal. One day, it suddenly hit me: The Dream!! The whole reason I began down this trail! 

AM Radio 

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