My unheard cries,with hope they rise 

from the floor of the canyons, 

through the forest,into the distance. 

From here where I lay 

With a rock on my left side 

and to my right is a hard place. 

The battle has ended 

I'm broken from wounds 

but I'm better off than my enemy 

This message I'm sending 

I pray that it finds some beautiful heart 

that happens to be listening 

The sun's going down 

late in the day of my last stand 

Every last ounce of my strength 

I used on all my defenses. 

I'm sending my love on the sounds, 

pray they come back around, 

to grant my final wishes, 

unhindered by fences, 

before my brow un-tenses, 

without any delay or resistance. 

Darren Camp 2019

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