Dream: Smoke on the Water, Fire from the Sky

Smoke on the Water (Fire from the sky) 

Darren Camp 2018

Photo: Kyle James, published at www.thegoldwater.com             


Recently I had a discussion with someone about the dream I blogged about titled “AM Radio”. I said I'd consider posting some of the other dreams I've had that have the same “feel” to them. This is one I had probably 8 or 9 years ago actually. It was deeply troubling to me then, and still is today. Just thinking of it gives me a very unsettled feeling. 

Numerous times over the past few days I've considered sitting down to write about this dream. Finally, tonight I was determined to make it happen. I was finishing up some reading and about to close a browser tab when I noticed a news/banner for “The Goldwater” announcing a ferry boat had crashed into the dock in San Francisco. 

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have paid much attention to it, but this time I just froze, staring at the photo above the headline. The dock, the water and actually the ferry looked just like the setting in my dream, which went something like this: 

I was just milling around on the dock, having a smoke and taking in the sights, as were what I guess to be 80-100 other people. It was an absolutely beautiful Bay kind of day. The usual smell of food and sounds of soft conversation and laughter until there was a loud whining/roaring sound over the water, which everyone seemed to notice in unison. 

I looked up to see a passenger jet crashing into the water, roughly 1000 yards out from the dock. What made the situation even worse was there were numerous sailboats, the above mentioned ferry, and a handful of ski boats which were struck by the plane as it attempted a water ditching. 

There was a huge simultaneous, collective gasp from the crowd there with me on the dock. Right away, what was previously a perfectly beautiful day was now a (literal) nightmare. There were hurting people scattered across the water, now screaming for help. There must have been a few hundred people pleading in agony for help. 

I immediately began stepping out of my shoes and quickly unbuttoning my shirt so I could swim more effectively. I assumed I'd need every bit of advantage I could eke out. I glanced around to assess how many other of my fellow dock-dwellers were also about to jump in to go save these people from dying. 

What I saw was more disturbing than the catastrophe: Zero people besides myself were readying themselves to jump in. ZERO! About half were even casually strolling back indoors or resuming their meals on the tables scattered along one edge of the dock. The other half were just looking out watching people suffer with no evident reaction. Just looking at the mass casualty as if they were studying a painting or sculpture at an art gallery. 

My blood boiled immediately and I rebuked the entire crowd. Indignant, I screamed at them, “What the hell is wrong with you people? No one else is planning to swim out and try to help these wounded and hurting people? A very few began stammering verbally, searching for some suitable excuse, although clearly, still not having any intent of trying to save people's lives. 

Others glared at me, seemingly pissed off that I had called them out on their inaction and lack of concern for human life. Still in disbelief, I shook my head while muttering under my breath and slid my watch from my wrist and let it fall into one of my shoes. “This huge rescue effort just got way bigger” , I thought as I dove from the dock. 

That's when I woke up.

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