My Story and I'm sticking with it

Hi there!
You already know I'm Darren Camp, so I'll give you a little more information about me.  I live in North Alabama in a fantastic town, Guntersville. It is where I grew up, and where I finally came back to. This great little town is on Lake Guntersville, which is a part of the Tennessee River. I am most definitely influenced by the water in my music as well as who I am. There's just something special about how the water can touch the mind and soul.  Many musical roots have taken hold right next to the waters, especially in the South. I feel like I am lucky enough to be part of this phenomenon and I hope to represent it in a positive way.  I feel like I've found myself musically and in my songwriting and my next studio album will really bring this out. 
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Rumor has it, Darren has been around music since conception, which happened in a church parking lot. Birthed into Southern Gospel music on a wooden pew in the 7th row during church choir practice. He teethed on old, real, country & western music which stuck around most of adolescence. Then Pink Floyd's The Wall hit him between the eyes and he suddenly saw music differently. Billy Joel, Eagles, Beatles, KISS and Elvis, among others became his teachers and he had an insatiable lust for more. He devoured Rock, Blues, Classical, Folk and R & B. 

At age 16 he joined a popular local band working in clubs, fairs, festivals and concerts. Many bands and years passed, contests were won, awards received, but Darren felt like he had to express himself through original music. Songwriting was a part of him that grew and matured as he did. While he did write, he didn't record or promote any of his music until his 40's. His passion for music and songwriting never left and grew stronger over the years.
In early 2013, he recorded his first EP, Spice of Life, then performing solo shows and playing his original music in Alabama and in Nashville. Among the shows he played was Tips for Tuscaloosa Songwriter Showcase for charities for Hope Cassity. From this event, Darren was invited to perform at the 2015 Mississippi Songwriter's Festival. 

In 2015 a full CD, simply titled, "Darren Camp" was released and offered songs from his early days of writing as well as most recent projects. One in particular is special; "Believe" was the last song he wrote for the CD and he asked his mother to sing with him on it. "It was really an amazing experience!", Darren recalls, "Having my mother be a part of what she started all those years ago was special. She hadn't sang harmony in a while, but she nailed it. I'm really proud of her!" 

Meanwhile, all of his songs began getting airplay with numerous stations, including Rick Carter Radio. One offering, "Heaven and Hell" was the top requested song for several weeks. Darren is also an "Artist Sponsor" for 101themix station and continues to write, record and play at more and more venues.

2017 - The last couple of years have been something else. Some setbacks for sure, but like manure, they caused quick growth. Many, many great things in the works with music and future film making and even concept photography. Hope you'll enjoy. If you read this much of the bio, you win. email me and I'll give you free downloads and an old cocktail napkin.

The Future is bright and Darren is excited about it and says, “Music is so much a part of who I am and I'm glad to be able to be creative and bring my songs to life and share them! I only with I had started many years earlier!” Darren will release two CD's in 2016. A live CD and another studio recorded full length CD, which will be more rock and blues that Darren says is his “Heart and soul”.