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What does my music sound like? A drunken whiskey rant, full of pain, promise, and philosophy.



COMING SOON - Eleven song CD entitled "Rootin' Tootin' Wild West Show" will just plain kick your ass!


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"I have zero interest in making music that sounds like someone else. I will not try to constrain my writing and producing to what the suits tell me people want to hear. I'm driven to make the music that comes from inside of me, not be a copycat of someone else's creativity. Screw that! I can appreciate another artist's work but not have to be like them. I'm sure that influences will show through in my music and that's okay. I want to continually improve myself and my writing, I just refuse to squeeze it into a box, or a template. I don't think any of the great music was made that way. I'm happier being true to my individuality and originality than being held to form. Hopefully, the ones who are hungry for great, original music will listen and like it...and yes, of course buy it!" - Darren Camp

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About the Studio:
Recording and production is at Riverbank Productions, a new concept in recording is getting underway! Music lovers, take heart!

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I must be a hell of a sinner, you claim you're a hell of a saint. You love to crown yourself a winner you know damn well you ain't so I'll be a hell of a sinner 'cuz I'm nothing like you you're some hell of a saint.”

— Darren Camp - lyrics from "Hell of a Saint" coming soon!

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Darren Camp is a songwriter, vocalist and musician who has performed professionally for 30 years.  See the Bio page for Darren's background and accomplishments.

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Tips for Tuscaloosa Songwriter Showcase

Billy's Sports Grill, 430 Main Avenue, Northport, AL 35476

Monthly Songwriter series featuring lots of songwriters "in the round" Bluebird style. Billy's Sports grill hosts this listening room type event which benefits a different non-profit organization each month. $20 suggested donation gets you more talent than you can shake a stick at! Hosted by Hope Cassity